Espresso .. In Space!

“Astronauts might be the best of the best, but even they need coffee.”

How can you not like an opening line like that? :) Everyone has a right to delicious coffee, even astronauts. Not sure how expensive this thing would need to be, but definitely wouldn’t be one of those best espresso machines under $300.

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Just For Fun: The Art Of Espresso

Isn’t it just beautiful?


Comparing The Nespresso Pixie vs Starbucks Verismo

Speaking of Single Serve Coffee Makers, we found a nice little comparisno video of one of our favorite brands Nespresso Espresso Machines against a Starbucks Single server machine.

It’s the Nespresso Pixie vs Starbucks Verismo.

(I’m sorry, but when most of our coffee candy tastes better than Starbucks …. but anyway)

Fantastic review .. Winner? Don’t let us jade you. You decide!

The Launching Of The Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System

The very popular Green Mountain Coffee Company continued its marketing campaign of its launch of the single serve espresso machine they call the “Keurig Rivo Cappuccino and Latte System” will launch with Italy’s Luigi Lavazza SpA, marking its entry into the espresso, cappuccino and latte brewer category.

Popular in the instant coffee market with some tasty pod coffee and innovations in the “one cup” market, they are working hard to stay ahead of the very booming and competitive pack.

No real news yet though, except that this September, certain patents governing their single cups expired, leading to lower cost competitors in the market. We’ll see how this shapes up

Read Reuters press release here at Yahoo News

Coffee and Espersso Machines and Related Gifts For The Holiday Season

As the holiday season approaches, we would love to suggest to you that espresso machines make the perfect gift.

Especially this time of year, ESPECIALLY in the cold, especially with gatherings of family and friends, how can you not enjoy the thought of unwrapping an espresso machine and then plugging it in and making hot and delicious espresso drinks for everyone to love.

That being said, we first recommend you check out our list of bestselling automatic espresso machines for possible gift ideas.

We then suggest to you that you think about specific motives: is this a gift with long term thought for the espresso lover? If so, this list will be very helpful. However, if the motives have a lot to do with making espresso for everyone at the gathering right away (nothing wrong with that!!) you will want to take a few extra items into consideration: mainly how easy is it to use so that you can learn very quickly (almost without reading the manual) how to create some espresso drinks right away.

This also means the machine needs to be durable, go through a lot of use in one night, and perhaps have a larger water reservoir for serving more people quickly.

We would suggest the pod coffee or tablet espresso machines as well to make things easier and let people have a lot of choice.

We recommend specifically that you take a look at the Delonghi EC702 which can use both pod and coffee grounds, but is a bit harder to use. And for something super easy to use, the DeLonghi Nespresso EN660 R Single Serve Espresso Maker.

Enjoy your holiday shopping!